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I set up my business as a professional Maths Tutor while on maternity leave in 2021. At the time I already had years of experience teaching in various settings and have tutored on and off since I was a student teacher back in 2009. Over the years I have worked with students of all ages in order to help them discover their full learning potential.

I’ve always loved helping others and enjoy making concepts and ideas accessible to everyone. Through my unique and personalised approach, my students develop organised study habits and effective learning strategies that can be applied to a wide range of areas. Contact me and see how my services can benefit you today.

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My Students’ Impressions

The tutoring sessions were really useful. I failed my prelim before I started maths tutoring and ended up getting a B in my final exam!

Mark H.

Isla really helped me to understand National 5 Maths and taught me exam skills that helped with all my other subjects too. I couldn't have passed without her.

Charlotte B.

Isla helped explain topics in a different way to my teacher to help me understand how to answer them in the exam. I went into the exam feeling much more confident and managed to get an A! Thank you again so much.

Sam M.


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