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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information

Wondering how much my services cost or interested in learning more about the subjects I cover? Keep reading to find all the answers to the most common questions and see if your inquiries are answered in full. Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Math and Geometry Tools

Do you have any teaching qualifications?

I am a qualified teacher with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Primary Education from the University of Aberdeen.

Geometry Tools

How much do you charge per session?

My hourly rate starts from £35. Exam revision sessions are priced separately.

Female Teacher during a Math Class

Where do you hold your sessions?

Maths tuition is carried out in your own home on a face to face basis. Whilst I'm happy to offer online tuition sessions for students outwith my catchment areas most pupils prefer the option of a 'real life' tutor. The areas I cover include Kinross (and surrounding villages). Dalgety Bay, Aberdour, Inverkeithing and Rosyth.

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